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Teri KolarTeri Kolar is the creator and owner of Insights for Healthy Living and KolarInsights.com. She holds a BA in Music Therapy, a MS in Hospital Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in Complementary Medicine and Wellness. She has been working in the health care field as both a clinical manager and a line staff member for over twenty years and has been practicing in the Holisic Health Field for the past seven years.

As a parent Teri discovered the importance of holsitic medicine. In 2002, her young son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and her life got turned upside down. Life in the family changed dramatically, not just for her son but also for his brothers. Normal daily events such as eating out and bike riding became a whole new experience for all involved. It was not just the disease that needed to be managed, but also the attitude of wellness and health in her young children.

In this struggle as a parent she found hope and healing for her son as well as the rest of her family through various holsitic therapies. It was through these therapies that the family, as well as the patient, began to be able to integrate this new way of living into their lives. They began to normalize this new life and thus became more accepting of it.

After post-graduate study of complementary medicine, Teri became passionate about education empowerment for all who suffer any chronic illness. She believes that the integration of traditional and holsitic medicine provides not just physicial wellness, but mental wellness and a sense of wholeness. She believes that we all need to realize that living with chronic illness is a way of life, not a barrier to it.

As a holistic practicioner, Teri provides Holistic Health Assessments as well as Music Therapy, Life Coaching, Guided Imagery and Reiki. She provides these servies in many capacities including on site hospice and home nursing situations.

In addition to her independent consulting business, Teri also prioitizes education. She provides educational seminars for both health care businesses as well as employee health programs for many corperations. She is a listed provider for the employee wellness program for the Chrysler Corporation.

Teri is also on the faculty of both Oakland Universtiy and Central Michigan University, teaching health related courses. She sits on the strategic development board for Oakland University’s Complementary Medicine and Wellness program. She is also a member of the Oakland County Wellness Coalition and the Oakland County Healthcare Alliance.


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