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A New Approach to Healthy Living

Insights for Healthy Living, under the direct guidance of Teri Kolar, specializes in providing individual holistic health assessments and treatment planning for clients in the metropolitan Detroit area. Referrals based on knowledge of individual therapists, credentialing, and reputation are also provided.

Insights For Healthy LivingThe goal of Insights for Healthy Living is to bring a level of professional consultation and education to you in relation to the role of holistic health care in 2015 and beyond.

Now, you can have a professional assessment on the role of holistic medicine in your life. A consultation that will not just provide you with holistic treatment ideas, but an actual plan of care that is based on your individual needs, goals, and belief systems. You will get answers about how specific therapies work, and the actual process of the therapy answered before your first therapy session.

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Understanding Holistic Health Care

mindThe role and acceptance of the use of holistic therapies is growing tremendously. It is a form of therapy that is being reawakened in our society and promoted as an effective adjunct to traditional medicine for the treatment of disease.

Some of the most frequent questions about holistic health care include: Which treatment approaches are best for me? How do the various therapies actually work? What is the process of the therapies? Most importantly, are there side effects and does it hurt? Your professional health assessment can help answer these questions and more.

Do you have a diagnosed health concern? Insights for Healthy Living starts with your personalized health assessment to help guide you in the most appropriate use of holistic medicine. Use this assessment to help identify what holistic health therapies may best be used in conjunction with your traditional medical treatment to treat the entire you—body, mind and spirit.

The aim of Insights for Healthy Living is to help you understand that living with any disease process is a way of life, not a barrier to it.



A professional Holistic Health Assessment is the starting point for understanding how holistic medicine can be put to work for you. Once this assessment has been completed, specific treatment options will be identified and recommended to help address your particular concerns. In addition to professional assessments, Insights for Healthy Living offers the following services: Guided Imagery, Life Coaching, Music Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Transitions, and Wellness Lecturing.


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